Born in 1968 in Italy. 
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Luigi Di Crasto holds a B.A. in Production Design from the Academy of Arts in Rome with studies in Photography, Film Directing and Art History. He had lived and worked in Rome, London, New York and Munich, before establishing himself in Berlin in 2009. The formative years in Rome, with the omnipresent artistic and intellectual stimulation and strong academic, social and historical influences, contributed to shaping his artistic identity, which has continued to evolve through his rich cross-cultural and multidisciplinary experiences. Luigi Di Crasto has experimented with many forms of artistic expression: from drawing and painting, to photography and video art, to theater productions and documentary films. His recurrent themes encompass vast fields of iconography, symbolism, religion, myths, nature, technology, aesthetics and cinema. Luigi’s work is so multi-faceted and multi-layered that it is impossible to classify it into any genre or category. He has never followed any trend or fashion, but has always explored various ideas, concepts, inspirations and techniques, freely using all different media available to create his own artistic universe.

Welcome to Luigi Di Crasto

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